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Green estates – pleasure that comes from nature

We are living in a time of alarming climate change that is disrupting the previous order of nature. Increasing warming, extreme weather events, increasing urbanization, man-made air pollution and declining biodiversity - are just some of the phenomena that could become major challenges for our civilization in the future. Fortunately, initiatives focused on defending existing green spaces and creating new ones are becoming increasingly popular. This positive trend can also be seen among investors.


Living among greenery

Parks, home gardens, gazebos filled with plants are not just about aesthetics. The attractiveness of a housing estate is nowadays often perceived in terms of the positive influence of green areas on our comfort and well-being. Their occurrence, especially in the face of progressive urbanization, is becoming an increasingly important factor that guides us in choosing an apartment.

It is not only customers who attach importance to the surrounding greenery, investors also do so. When choosing a location, they look for sites near large clusters of trees. An example is Pomorska185 in Łódź, which is surrounded by beautiful parks: 3 Maja and Baden Powell.


Your own world in neighborhood of nature

Developers are more often choosing to design their own parks or gardens. The real estate market is full of offers for apartments on estates with gazebos, picnic spots or ponds. New developments also include space for sports facilities. Playing fields, playgrounds, outdoor gyms, which perfectly fit into the urban greenery, today are becoming a standard.

These areas do, of course, increase the attractiveness for potential buyers, but this is not the only role they play. Filling the space with vegetation brings tangible benefits to the environment. Trees and plantings help reduce the impact of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. They also provide shelter for many species of animals. Their ability to show symbolic gratitude is evidenced not only by their ear-pleasing bird song, but also by the absence of nuisance insects, making family picnics even more enjoyable.

One of the biggest challenges of modern world today is responsible water management. Unfortunately, the amount of freshwater in the world is limited, and rising temperatures are contributing to shrinking supplies. Therefore, more and more developers decide to install various forms of small retention. Examples include rain gardens, permeable pavements or vertical vegetation on concrete walls and bike shelters.

Good practices implemented by some developers prove that care for the environment is sometimes more important than financial calculation. For example, as part of the development of the Pomorska 185 project, the Baltic Estate company decided to save and leave the greenery and trees in the area of the investment, resigning from building additional garage spaces.

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