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Cooperation and land purchase

Let's build together

Designing is our passion, and we take great responsibility for it.


We take special care of every stage of the project – from concept to final completion – and this is the basis of our work, as well as a reflection of our respect for our clients. We want to create places that are, above all, safe and comfortable for their users. Therefore, our projects are characterised by attention to the tiniest details both in terms of the technological solutions we apply (including acoustics, access to natural light or smart home features) and the context of the investment – its location, connections.


If you have land or funds at your disposal that can be used for development projects, if such an approach applies to you, and if you want to create living spaces together with us – we are looking forward to working with you.

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Let's build together

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Company details

Baltic Estate sp. z o.o.

ul. Azymutalna 9

80-298 Gdańsk


NIP: 5842791364

REGON: 385550972

KRS: 0000828951

Our Office

Baltic Estate sp. z o.o.

Wólczańska 143

90-525 Łódź 

("Zielony by Synergia" office building)

+48 797 019 628

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Agnieszka Kałucka

+48 573 178 109