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Can building be intelligent?

Technological advances are happening exponentially. It makes us live in conditions that only a dozen or so years ago seemed unimaginable to many of us. Sensors, cameras, systems that control devices and home installations are no longer unusual. It is probably only a matter of time before the space in which we live every day is fully automated.


What a Smart Home is used for?

A smart home is, generally speaking, a system made up of centrally connected components that can be managed, for example, on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. Through the use of modern technological capabilities, it aims to maximize the functionality of individual pieces of home equipment while minimizing our efforts and time - in addition, no matter where we are.

The primary reason many people choose to install smart home systems is to increase their level of security. Cameras monitoring and detecting movement, sensors measuring humidity or temperature, intelligent lighting - these are the solutions that allow you to realistically reduce the costs of repairing a failure or repairing damage after a burglary. And that's just the tip of the iceberg… The term smart home nowadays covers a myriad of home management ideas - from the simplest, such as running devices through an app, to the more advanced, such as linking home lighting control to the location of users' smartphones.


How a Smart Home works?

Smart home systems can also simulate our presence when we are on holiday, protecting in this way our homes not only from unwanted guests but also from ourselves! Sometimes, when we're in a hurry, we forget to turn off the gas or turn off the TV. Sensors constantly monitoring the interior of the house will not only inform us about it but also react, e. g. by cutting off the power supply to a particular socket.

A smart home is not just about apps and sensors, but also about installations that work unnoticed. One such is the ventilation system. Sensors using in modern devices not only ensure the supply of fresh air to the building, but also capture pollutants hazardous to our health (especially PM2. 5 and PM10) to then automatically reduce the efficiency of ventilation.

Smart home also means easier access to the building. Many modern developments, such as Pomorska 185 in Łódź, make it possible to enter the building by means of contactless control systems of locks, alarm and monitoring. The functions of the intercom, the key to the gate or the remote control to the entrance gate have been successfully taken over by the smartphone. It is also important for our safety - installation of an electronic lock connected with the application in the phone allows you to know exactly who and when entered and left the apartment.


Is it worth to invest in  a Smart Home?

Smart home systems are becoming more popular every year. The unquestionable benefit of installing solutions in this field is the improvement of live quality. In the era of progressive automation, we are able to perform tasks that a dozen years ago took many minutes or even hours with in the one push of a button or a simple voice message. What is more, today we can control several devices simultaneously, without even getting up from the couch. Intelligent systems increase our sense of security, give the impression of complete control, which gives us the opportunity to find invaluable peace of mind - and that in our own home - the best place in the world.

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